Those Quiet Fallen

Part II of the Quiet Falling story...

Ten years on from Bob Bailey’s rescue from imminent murder, he has lost touch with his rescuer and childhood friend, Ada Saint. Their chance meeting amid the unrest of post-war France while Bob is on a business jaunt for his comfortable job, shows how much they have changed, causing each to examine who they have become. Ada’s dreams of a happy life in the Provençal countryside with her Resistance lover, Bruno Garrigues, are threatened by an inconvenient legacy and by Bob’s untimely appearance. Death and history act in this wistful tale to throw their hopes into disarray and set the course of their future lives.



Quiet Falling

How culpable are we in the events that define our history? Bob Bailey did not join the International Brigade in the Spanish civil war. Instead, he finds adventure at home in 1930's Cheltenham. Or rather, it is visited upon him as he becomes an unwitting accomplice in one of European history's most notorious air attacks. But those responsible pick on someone who is more than he seems. The willful Bob values his independence, however it is lifelong friend Ada whose help he needs when his problems become gravely serious. This story of youthful hope, abuse of position and bloody mindedness tells how our actions can have far-reaching and unintended consequences.


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